Volunteer: Miami Rescue Mission

Today, I volunteered at the Miami Rescue Mission with MAST@FIU Key Club. Miami Rescue Mission’s goal is to serve the homeless and needy. They serve meals, shelter, and other necessities for their health.

We spent our day by serving food. Some were split into the kitchens where they helped in passing out soup, warm foods, drinks, and desserts. The rest and I were by the side where we passed out chips, fruits, salads, yogurts, and condiments.

This was an experience that left me feeling happy and proud that I was able to help our community. It gives that sense that you’re not only helping everyone but also yourself. It expanded my knowledge on how organizations, such as the Miami Rescue Mission, are helping the homeless and needy. The appreciation received from the people we served today was very warm.

I was happy to be have been able to volunteer to gain this experience.

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