Volunteer: Villa Maria Nursing Center

Today, MAST@FIU Key Club volunteered at the Villa Maria Nursing Center. We helped to move the elderly place to place, play card or board games with them, exercise with them, and set up their party room for an event.

It was an interesting experience. This was my first time at a nursing home and it was a lot different from what I thought. The atmosphere was calm and quiet. The residents there were kind.

The center uses recreational therapy such as games, exercise, arts & crafts, music, and social events
One of the residents played Uno and dominos with us. It was a fun interaction. We also painted the nails of some residents which was also fun. In a spacious part of the center, there is a fish tank and a parrot. This is meant as a form of therapy. There is a garden outside as well.

In the room used for the event, we set up a place to play a game similar to volleyball, but with a low net and balloons. We helped to wrap plastic forks and knives in napkins for the event.

We had to depart before their event, but we were happy to help out today by bringing happiness and entertainment to the residents.

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